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let everything happen to you.
beauty and terror.
just keep going.
no feeling is final.
- Rilke

“She is a great listener.  She really tries to get at the heart of what you need to heal. And that’s exactly what she did for me. Jenny is amazing and yoga therapy has changed my life.”
– Sybil, Long Beach (Digestion and Autoimmune)

“For me, yoga therapy is a treasured tool that I can go to. I’ve incorporated yoga therapy as a part of my journey for the rest of my life.”
-Scott, Los Angeles (Grief)

“Jennifer integrates the function of the mind and the body seamlessly, so that it is no longer possible to separate them. When I started working with her my body was stiff and blocked after several injuries, and my mind was stuck in grief and exhaustion. When I think back on the early days when she asked me to imagine what I wanted in my life, it seemed impossible to achieve more peace, have a different job, and to imagine feeding loved ones from a garden I planted. In 18 months those things are as much a part of me as breathing. Best of all, yoga therapy with Jennifer has given me the return of joy.”
-Sarah, Topanga, artist, writer, urban planner, mother, wife and horsewoman. (Broken Pelvis, Autoimmune, Stress)

“I had chronic neck problems and carpal tunnel and she was clever enough to devise a yoga program that didn’t have me using my hands and focused on relieving my neck pain.
-Betsy, Santa Ana (Cervical Spine, Wrist and Knee Pain)

“After about two and half weeks I had no pain. It was great. It was peaceful. It was fun.”
-Pam, Los Angeles (Knee Pain)

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