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Nothing can be delicious when you are holding your breath. you have to be present to savor it, and presence is in attention and in the flow of breath.
- Anne Lamott

What is Yoga Therapy

Let’s begin by defining what yoga therapy is not: it is not the instruction of yoga classes,

it is not physical therapy, it is not a religion, and it is not simply exercise.

Yoga therapy is much more comprehensive; it embraces both your body and your mind. Yoga therapy is based on the practice and philosophy of theYoga Sutras dating back thousands of years, and consists of breathing techniques,

asanas (poses), meditation, self-reflection, visualization, mudras (held positions of the fingers and hands),

chanting, sound, and yoga philosophy.

We use the tools of yoga to:

  • Empower you to progress towards wellness

  • Improve your quality of life

  • Enhance your relationships

  • Increase your overall health and well being

Self care is health care and in yoga therapy, we teach you the tools that you can carry with you the rest of your life, helping to improve and maintain your physical, mental and emotional health.  We work one-on-one to develop a relationship in which you will learn the appropriate tool from the yoga toolbox to increase your awareness of your body and mind and to improve your physical and psychological wellbeing.


People often come to yoga therapy as the last stop after suffering for years with chronic conditions and a myriad of diagnoses from doctor after doctor. Yoga therapy can work with western medicine, and sometimes it can work when other approaches have not.


In the beginning, we will treat what is causing you the most concern. Often, after that condition has improved, we begin to unravel what might have gotten you there in the first place. It is an exploration full of discoveries. By the end of the journey, you will have a much better understanding of not only what has troubled you, but what tools you can use to help yourself!


The benefits of yoga are quite substantial. In a nutshell, yoga improves your whole life. 

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